Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The rain after a long dry season has a sweet refreshing fragrance that brings memories especially of home and beckons us home. Even childhood photos have this effect that takes us back to the past and make us hope to relive those days again in future. Our senses that take us through time signify that we are alive. But what does it mean to be alive in Christ? It must be when all our senses are tuned to God: we see God’s hand in His creations, hear His still voice, feel His touch, sense the sweet scent of His presence and taste His goodness. This possibility of being alive in Christ was made available for everyone through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus two millennia ago.

We are more alive in Christ for we know the reason we were created and our purpose in this world and we have the assurance that He is always near to carry us through into the unknown future.

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